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About filters


Our Ozone masks are equipped with multi-layer N95 filters (NIOSH scale). The filters protect against PM10, PM2,5 and other harmful components present in the air. Thanks to five layers of active carbon while using our filters, you can breathe safely. The filters have all the safety certificates.

Effective protection from:
– smog (PM10, PM2.5 dust)
– exhaust gases
– heavy metals (mercury, lead, cadmium)
– tobacco smoke
– coal dust,
– mold,
– dust,
– allergens
– other toxic substances including NO2, SO2


Filtration efficency depends on frequency of replacing filters, because it’s losing properties during usage as they due to pollution. Filter should be replaced accordingly to recommendations listed at specific mask model and level of pollution (averagely every 20-50h of using).

Filter replacement is very easy, because it is just removing old one and putting a new one on its place. 

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