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About masks


OZONE anti-smog masks is a project that was created for all active people who want to protect their health from the dangerous effects of smog. For those who like to spend time actively, we have designed special masks from the sport series, while for those who appreciate the comfort and fashionable cut – casual mask for everyday use.


Ozone Sport masks currently appear in 4 designs, which were designed by Polish graphic artists inspired by the latest models of famous snickers. Our masks are produced in three sizes S / M, L, XL, so everyone will find the right size. Ozone Sport masks are produced in Shenzhen, China, however, they have all certificates required in Europe.


Ozone Casual masks are available in sizes for children, men and women. Casual anti-smog masks are made only in Poland. Our graphic artists designed fashionable patterns for everyone, making the masks the perfect addition to your everyday outfit.


Each type of masks has interchangeable coal filter which protects from pollutants like PM 2.5, PM 10 dust, traffic fumes and cigarettes smoke.


With our anti-smog masks, you can breathe safer.

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