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Filters for sport masks


Anti-smog filters Ozone sport 3 items

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Ozone sport filter 3 items with active carbon

Filters for casual masks

Our Ozone masks are equipped in multilayer N95 filters (NIOSH scale). Filters protect from PM 10, PM 2,5 dusts and other harmful substances present in the air. Thanks to five layers with active carbon, using our masks you can breathe safer. Filters have all necessary safety certificates.

Effective protection from:
– smog ( dust PM 2.5 PM 10),
– traffic fumes,
– coal dust,
– dust.


The filtration efficiency depends on the frequency of filter replacement, because after a certain time due to air pollution, it loses its features. The filter should be replaced in accordance with the recommendations indicated for the particular model : casual and sport, depending on the air pollution level and intensity of use (on average, 20 – 50 hours).

Changing the filter is very simple because it involves disassembling the used copy and installing a new filter in its place.

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