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Anti–dusk masks, anti-smog masks for a bike and for running

Ozone Sport collection

The OZONE shop is an excellent offer for people who combine active life with health. In the latest Sport collection, you will find practical and, at the same time, stylish anti-smog masks for cycling and running, ideal for any season. All models are carefully selected and prepared, providing effective protection during increased effort. Made of pleasant neoprene, equipped with additional side valves allow long-term use without any discomfort. Each anti-smog mask for running, cycling and other physical activity protects also against cold and wind. It can be used not only on autumn or winter days, but at any time of the year. Dust masks for cycling or running available in our offer, perfectly match the shape of the face and head circumference. In addition, they do not go up or wrinkle, and the additional nipple and strong velcro guarantee a solid seal. Each one is made of the highest quality materials, durable and resistant to weather conditions, which guarantees their long-term use. The Sport series is a wide range of unique solutions that guarantee protection against harmful substances, especially against dust and smog. With us, you will always breathe clean and fresh air!


Anti-smog mask Sport Green Zebra

119.00  109.00 
Mask Ozone Sport Green Zebra

Anti-smog mask Sport Yezzy

119.00  109.00 

Anti-smog mask Sport Yezzy

119.00  109.00 
Mask Ozone Sport Yeezy

Sport masks protect from breathing in polluted air during increased effort. They also protect from cold and wind. Thanks to them, you can practice any sport or go for a walk without fear of surrounding smog. Thanks to their interesting patterns, which we have designed in addition to the protective function, every breathing mask for running is a fashionable addition to a sports outfit. We drew our inspiration to create individual patterns from the latest models of the most fashionable snickers.

All models are equipped with a replaceable active carbon filter and side valves, thanks to such solutions, breathing is easy and at the same time safe. Each running mask, bike and other sports equipment has all the required safety certificates of use in the European Union.

• Neoprene layer with valves for easy breathing

• Latest designs and fashionable colors

• Replaceable carbon filter protecting from smog

• Special projects for children and adults

• Adjustment system allowing to fit the mask to the head size


Sports masks are in 3 sizes:

S/M – for older children and very slim women weighing up to 50 kg

L- for women and very slim men

XL- for men over 65 kg

Sports masks were admitted for trade in the European Union.

They protect from dusts P.M 2.5 and P.M10


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